Tuesday, July 24, 2018

A Litany of Years and Moments When Each Felt Like a Lifetime


The year I was (         )
2 months premature
Very much ahead of my time
Thrown into a box labeled with the words
Intense | Care \ Unity
My mother and (        )  fearful of my swelling (     )
My mother chained to the (       )  by the phantom of her (        ) cord
My (       )  spiriting away into the dusty mouth of the narcotic's night
Would not be the first time he chose (        )  over his son's labored breath


Two boys and a (       ) dark with premonition
He pulls back a comforter with no regard for Care
And we are then embraced in forced Unity
A (       )  blast of Intense pain rips through my (        )
Were you (         ) my adolescence or turning over a black stone?

Three black bodies languid in the ghetto (    )
Two in one bedroom
One in another
One man, one woman, one child
But no triangle of love
No (       ) to give rise to Unity
Rather an Intense anger of (       ) infidelity
A rigorous rupture in the Contract of Care 
That drives two bodies into the living room
One man + one woman
The math of their insurgent emotion (         ) a hole in the wall
One child forced to become a (        ) in the gaping wound of the night

2012 - 2014

(        )

2015 - 2016

If I am to heal
Let it be in the molten heat
Of my own mouth
Let me kiss my own bruises
To cauterize my (      )
To suffer (       )
Is to render all Contracts of Care
Null and Void
Unity then being an Intense (        )
To incorporate
Blades of grass bend around my (       ) to brace me for the path forward
Look! See how I limp with the injury of memory?
Southern winds fill my lungs
So that every breath from my mouth might whisper (       )
Enter! That all your healing be a (     ) on a summer's day
Laughter fills my diaphragm
I lift into the air
Black boy, become kite
Drifting towards The Gate of (     )

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