Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley

If you asked of me to compare us to a flower
I'd tell you we were like the Lily of the Valley
Sweet, poisonous, and with a little bit of a Messiah complex
Because we both believed we could save each other
But neither one of us were rescuers
We were more like hiding places the other could escape to
When we needed to get out of the sun for a little while
Lengthening the shadows of our refuges brick by conversational brick
Laid down with the mortar of quick banter

"Did you hear the strides Chik Fil A is making in politics?"
"I just got in a fight with my dad."
"It's been months since I got laid."
"I got some last week and it hurt more than I thought it would."
"At least you didn't go numb."

And we laughed and cried and smiled and died together.
But every once in a while the sun would peek through.
And when it did it cut through our strings like a frustrated puppetmaster.
Alliances established in the dark can never stand the light.
Our castle crumbled under the weight of sunbeams.
Our Lily of the Valley was wilting in the intensity of the sun
Flaunting its flare at us.
Grabbing at our darkness and stealing the golden spoons right from
Our disbelieving mouths.

Silence in sunlight.
Discourse in darkness.
Why did we crucify the Lily?
After three days all Messiahs must return back to their complex.
And we did. We rebuilt our walls. We resumed our banter.

"It's been a while."
"Yeah it has."
"How have you been?"
"Good, you?"

And we ease ourselves from the light and back into the darkness again.
Till the next pieces of silver coruscate in the sun's rays.
And Judas returns to simplify the Messiah complex.