Saturday, August 11, 2018

A Litany of Transcripted Voicemails Demonstrating Need

Maybe I'm just green.
Ain't you this? Can you call me?
Maybe try him again later.

Hi, my name is [redacted]. Can I get appointment by tomorrow Friday like around 2?
My phone number is [redacted]. Thank you.
Hello. Hello you babe. This is [redacted]. He needs
you need the paper for me to prove that he is he does have
Medicaid. Because you want to go to his appointment.
Thank you.

Good morning a message.
Hey jumbled, but Joseph when you meet me by window.
Poo poo poo poo. Poo poo Jessica, Cecila, Daddy.
Okay. He's about to Jessica call. You got to do call
me back right away or Dana South with the deletion
of Emma I sent.

Hello, this is a spot. So I wanted to talk to you
if I bring his wife tomorrow morning with more than 1
in with him to the agency on Roku called her wife has walk.
Just please answer him or leave a message for him.
Thank you.

I am accept last addition. LOL mo at Dr. Raja.
My other question is on the faucet the tuna noodle
on Stan Bennet. I'm leaving the kids a bath, but I know
he is mentally and Penta. Restylane Ella there is room.
Yeah after work. The homemowner.

Hi, please. Call me back. I have been submitted my friend
talk to that. Please call me back.

Good morning, son. I can come by the agency please
call me back. I need to review record. I was hope.
My doctor yesterday you say he won't lose a result.
To the hospital no cost he wants right now. You want to do
because he want to do. Some more 444 this on a result Okay.
He need is a my son to my son did to my my blood oh
my God.

Okay. Joseph Hey Lee. Matoaca break for your
name in the Bible she doing a pack of simonini mom
as promised. I did lose. I'm unable to be found.
This is a concern. I know the calendar this way.
This made me happy mark. I know you're going to send
over the next year settlement message is equal glenda
more definition of your dependent will be interested
lifetime the commandment you mad at me. I say Shanna
green card sash on for the barbed energy you massage
may notify the agency, but you might obama tee-hee
open position as a green card one of the duck. I'm in the
material on Shadow reaction social security disability and
mom would check up to the minute. I'm about to go shopping.
I love you. Do you never give up?