Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Microdream: Coruscant Rising (Moment of Peace)

I don't feel guilty about the past
The anger trembling
In my gut
Has calmed

Songs I thought
Would make me cry
Have me smiling like an idiot
As I walk down the street

I fall in love with strangers now
In the swift moment that our eyes meet
And we briefly bond
Over the joys and pains
We have experienced
But will never speak of
Wrapped up in the world of their eyes
A silent, fleeting bond
Irrevocable nonetheless

I forgive myself
For failing myself
For asking from you
What you were not equipped to give
No anger at you
Just compassion for your struggle

I let go of burdens
And am relieved from hate
Tears turns to laughter
Heartbreak becomes
Not a wound
But a rebuilding
My heart returns to gold
And I fly coruscant
Along the winter sky
Into the familiar arms
Of growth and healing

Monday, January 25, 2016



Go to class
Talk about philosophy
Your professor tells you that philosophy
Is the love of knowledge
Google philosophy of a breakup on your computer
Find 0 search results
Wonder what the hell philosophy is even for
Remember something about stumbling out of a cave
And seeing the light

Go to your first day of work
Fucking crush it in the meeting
Blush when everyone tells you how insightful you are
Try not to vomit because of the irony
That if you're so insightful
Why do you only realize things in hindsight
When they comment on how pale you look
Tell them it's because you drank coffee on an empty stomach
Remember how he always told you never to do that
Because he was worried about your health
And that he wants to be friends
Try not to vomit because of the irony

Prepare to vote in the upcoming political election
Think about how insincere it is for you to care about
Any issues like government spending
Because the only issue you care about
Is how efficiently and gracefully you can
Recover the emotional resources you invested
Think about how dumb it is for that to be political

See or hear about him with his new partner
Think whether or not his decision to be with them
Was a political statement or a personal insult
Realize that it's one or the other
The question burning inside is which
Remember what your supervisor said
Earlier at work today
“Everything is political”

Finally get home
Remember everything you've done in this house together
Turn out the light and crawl into the cave of your bed
Think about he could never spend the night
Because he was allergic to something in your house
Think about whether or not that was a warning

Sunday, January 24, 2016


I stand among fading columns
And a crumbling amphitheater
Spectator to the specters of
A time gone by so quickly
It feels like lifetimes ago
Passerbys with inquiring minds
Stop by and wonder

What was this for?
What did they do here?
Who built this monument?
It's such shoddy craftmanship.
How could they think this would ever
stand the test of time?

I am the only one left
With the answers to their questions
With the knowledge to unlock
ancient secrets.
With clenched fist
And heavy heart
I tell them:

This is where we fucked!
This is where we bathed together!
This is where we made promise, after promise,
after promise, after promise, on the premise
that we could love each other in the ways that we needed.

This is where our love fell down!
Where it crumbled to the floor.
Because it was built on the lie
that you could love me the way I needed
And that I could trust you to do so.

Now the history of our civilization
Sits squarely on my shoulders
Gestates in the squirming chasm
Of my gut
And for the first time
I wish I didn't have
The heart of a poet
The heart of someone who can
Spin beauty from horror
There is no beauty in this
I would rather the heart
Of an archaeologist
Or an historian
Someone who can look upon the past
And not be sad that it's over
But glad that it happened.