Saturday, May 25, 2019

Beach Haikus #1-9

Wrapped up in sea breeze
Pelicans triangulate
The sky dreams in blue

Waves crest, break on land
The sea and sand mingle here
Elementals talk

The ocean contains
Each and every one of us
Past, present, future

Throwing yourself in
At the mercy of the waves
The thrill of return!

We live in the wake
Submit to the undertow
Hear slaves whispering?

Beach-time isolates
Whirlpools thrash -- salt in vortex
Lungs remember breath

Love transcends decades
It lingers bright as sunburn
Blushing, enduring

Laid out on the beach
Music drifts through sunlit air
Sun kisses body

Fly in buttermilk
You clash with your surroundings
Who started this fight?

Monday, May 20, 2019

Microdream: Grief

Each and every thing
I can pluck from my mouth
From day-to-day


Anything that drifts
Lazily in the air
And flutters onto the ground

To alight in the crucible
Transformed by its longing
Marked by the sounds of love

That has nowhere to go