Thursday, July 11, 2013

Gift Horse

I saw the devil
And he was crying
And begging
Said never look a gift horse in the mouth
Else it'll kick you in yours
And his teeth were jagged
Like his tail
To hell with dentistry
To hell with gifts
To hell with horses
Even though their manes catch on fire
So quickly
And they run like they were born to
Carry burdens like they were bred to
I saw the devil
He was riding a horse
He said- people are often what they are made to be
Not what they were born to be
I was born to be a hero
I was made into a star
Drowning into a gravity well
Holding myself together
Some men- after being hurt for so long
Forsake all feelings that could signal
A need to be around people
They hold themselves together
With emotions that bind the cells
And the soul into a singularity
Seriousness, cynicism, melancholy
And they bind themselves in these
So that when others propose
To free them from themselves
They drop to their knees too
Pull out a ring- and say
This is all I have to give in return
I saw the devil
And he was crying

Sunday, July 7, 2013

God Is a Zombie (The Day I Killed God Pt. II)

How soon they forget me
They whose clay was quickened by the weight of my words
"Let there be.."
And be there was and be there is and be there'll be
Even in this era so destitute of the presence of bees
My messengers
My honeycomb pillagers
Hovering about gently through the winds that blow across your bodies
As you dance the dance of temporality- the gift of life I laid at your feet
How could you ever know the price of eternity?
Driven stark raving mad by a universe with nothing
But a bunch of hot air to talk to
Let there be man
Let there be woman
Let them love whomever they love
Let there be words from me to them
To make this life a little bit easier
I didn't make anything easier did I
I should have cursed the mind-never have given it
The capability of twisting words into whimsy
No nothing was made easier
They choked themselves on my message
Took the rock to heart
Till that too was worn down to sand
That they raged about their divisions
Like a sandstorm army
Marching to the beat of a drum
I play
And they distorted-into lo-fi blasphemy
How could you ever know?
The loss
The grief
The anger
The bargain
The denial
The denial
The denial
The acceptance

Insofar that they of clay were made by the breath of my own essence
May they live in the prosperity and splendour of Eden's blessing
So that their lives will be as vibrant as the emerald tides of grass
And their souls as pristine as the water that flows with sapphire pass

I had a plan- a vision
And I watched it all fall to naught
And here I sit in seraph chair
With heavenly voice in my throat caught
Waiting for Armageddon
For Golgotha's kiss the grace the world
To gather the pieces that broke themselves
And mend them again and again

Humanity is a lesson
And even gods have much to learn
How-how could you ever know?